Tuesday, August 25, 2015

School Has Begun

Well, school has begun here in Ohio. And going to start a new year in school makes us focus on how we look. My oldest grand-daughter Paloma is now a sophomore in high school. We are very proud of her since she will not only begin a new year in high school but she will also be attending Bowling Green University. She was one of the kids chosen out of the entire school to attend Bowling Green University for the next two years which will allow her to receive her Associates degree at the same time she graduates from high school.. She will be tackling two schools at one time and with a 3.9 average grade point, she is very happy to do both schools.

These first two photos were taken 2 years ago...they are my before photos.

She has super curly hair and after having it blown dried she thought a photo looking like frizzy would be funny, she's a ham.

This is the curly hair after getting a good conditioning and ironing it...she liked her long hair but to her it was too much maintenance and Paloma does not like maintenance and too much primping...thank God for little sister's hair abilities, it came out smooth and soft.

And this is her hair and eyebrows now, hair is short and straight and now she has lovely sculptured eyebrows...at 16 years old she's all grown up.

with highlights

Second day of school with little sister Natalia means being funny and happy.

 And I even had a haircut. I had been pondering on taking my hair off since last Christmas and this last Friday I couldn't stand it anymore, so I grabbed my scissors and I took all my hair off. Here is a before photo that was taken this last June.

 and this is me now...short and sassy.