Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Bad Tomato Harvest

Hi everyone,

Here in Ohio its a nice Summer day today with temps reaching the high 80's...it is truly hot out here. So since its so hot I am staying indoors with the ac in full blast.

This Summer I had a very bad harvest with my tomatoes. All my tomato plants got blossom rot and they all needed to be removed. I was very upset since I cared for these babies very well for the past 4 months. Now that my balcony has been cleaned out there is a lot of room to move around. 

Here is one of my three tomato plants...nice and green full of tomatoes with blossom rot...GRRRRR!

And this is what blossom rot looks like, brown rotten bottoms and these roma tomatoes were suppose to grow bigger, but they didn't grow any larger than this size...I was not a happy camper.

It was a very bad harvest.

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  1. we gave up on tomatoes long ago between fungus and other diseases...