Thursday, June 18, 2015

Genealogical Present

My sweet aunt Felicia'S 90th birthday was on Feb. 14, but her 13 children decided to have a big surprise birthday party for her this Saturday June 20th. I am so excited to see the joy on her face when they bring her to the hall thinking she is attending a mother/ daughter banquet and we all scream SURPRISE!!!!. 

At the party attendees will be the entire family and many of them are flying in from New York, California, Puerto Rico and many more states. As a gift to her I made this genealogical board with her and her husbands name on the trunk, her children and their children shooting upward with hearts as an offspring from their love. I also added her genealogy going back 5 generations on the roots of the tree trunk. I truly hope she likes it.

Here is the entire board finished.

Her genealogy tree are on the roots of the tree and the empty hearts will be filled in as I continue her genealogy search. On one side of the roots are her father's genealogy and on the other side is her mother's genealogy in perfect order.

Her children's names are in the larger hearts and the smaller hearts has her grandchildren in order of birth from the oldest to the youngest. The heart's that are off to the left side of her son's were children born out of wedlock. Like Melissa that was born before Mickey was married and had his other 8 children.. 

My aunt had13 children in total.

I painted the tree trunk

I took this picture before I cleaned all the hot glue webbing from the gems...ooops. They are all cleaned off now. 

I hope she likes it.

Here she is with 3 of her boys and their wives and grand-daughter.

Her son, daughter in law, grand-daughter and great grandson. 


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