Monday, May 11, 2015

A Lovely Relationship

The interior of our homes are decorated to give us joy, peace and happiness. The outdoors of our homes also gets a pretty decor to delight the eyes of all that gathers there.

Our view of another is just like the decor of the inside of our homes and yard. What others see concerning your attitude, your way of dressing, your manner of speech and your character can be pretty or ugly for others to see...this can either be a turn on or a turn off in any relationship. 

Here are some turn off's for a loving relationship.

1. Un-modest attire...this can way of dressing can illustrate that the woman is easy, loose, and has a "I don't care" attitude. All a man sees is an easy quick orange they can squeeze for a while but not to retain forever. What others see of you is how they think you are. 

2. Foul Language... A dirty mouth shows off the lack of manners and education the person may have. This is a major turns off for any man and a bad characteristic that shows off of how you were raised.

3. Criticism...Being critical towards others illustrates the lack of inner confidence towards yourself, the lack of love towards you and others and the turmoil in which you lived in while growing up. A critical person is never happy.

4. Lack of compassion...a person without compassion towards others reflects ignorance, an inner growing lack of love from their parents and the lack of unconditional love for one another. These people only think of themselves, a "ME" attitude cannot love anyone but themselves. 

These 4 major characteristics can turn off anyone that approaches you.


Here are some turn on's for a prosperous relationship.

1. A humble heart...humility is a lovely characteristic anyone can have. It is a sign of richness and unity with the Almighty, A humble heart can attract others towards them without looking for people to like them. This Godly attribute is a powerful magnet and a lovely tool to have. 

2. Modesty...Being modest with our outer wear illustrates the respect you have for yourself. It allows others to see your lovely figure without flaunting it. 

3. Sweet word...A lovely mouth full of praise and love attracts others to listen and to live by. Every lovely word we bring forth when speaking, creates a lovely conversation and interaction...this is a very lovely attribute to attract any man into a relationship.

4. Love...if we love others as we want to be loved will attract a loving man with those same attributes. Love is another powerful magnet that pulls in more loving people towards you.

How we live, how we speak, how we act and how we are with others in their presence is the way we attract them.

Integrity is being great in front of others, just the same way we are great when we are alone. 
Show off your greatness and attract the right relationship...a loving respectful relationship that can last forever.   

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