Sunday, April 26, 2015

Heal Without Hurting

Throughout our lives we sometimes speak without realizing we are using cruel and hurtful words that tares hearts instead of building them. Later on we realize what we've done regretting every word we said.  

We sometimes tend to hurt the ones we love the most. We often compare them with others who we think are more righteous, more spiritual, more educated, more perfect and more correct; but through time we see how good our loved ones really are and then we regret the error of our ways.

Words do speak louder and they hurt a lot more than a good spanking or a stab in the heart. Using carefully the proper words at the proper time can draw the individual's attention towards us, kind words can soothe a trouble heart and can bring a lost soul to their knees. A good cry with them can instill love, compassion and humility. Humility to listen and obey.

So next time we open our mouths, lets think first and lets look for the good loving words that can heal and not hurt.

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