Friday, April 17, 2015


“April Showers Brings May Flowers”

As the quote says…this is the month in which rain drenches us the most water to flourish the earth with green grass and flowers.As the rain begins to come down and we are all cozy in our homes, we never think of preparing for some disastrous and costly rain damage…but it does occur and when it does then we end up cleaning the mess that is left behind with a bill $$$ we never expected.Before any disaster occurs to any of you…lets prepare ourselves for what can happen?  

1. Check your sump pumps.

Maintenance is the first precaution. By checking your sump pump ahead of time like now, can prevent you from having a flooded basement. If you do not know how to check it for its good usage then find a cooling and heating company to do the work for you. Though it may cost you some money, it will prevent a disaster that may cost you a lot more to fix after the flood…be prepared! 

2. Clean out your gutters.

Gutters will accumulate leaves, twigs, soil, flying objects and so much more. When gutters are full of this amount of junk, the weight with added water can eventually break the gutter from there holding clamps. Clean your gutters out well by brushing any of these items from them and then use a water hose to flush the remaining junk from the gutters. Clean gutters allows the rain water to flow well which will prevent gaining weight and breaking them off and prevent the water from falling into your basement. Gutters are very expensive to replace or to fix…be preventive!!!!. Clean them as soon as possible!

3. Street Drains

Many of you may not have a street drain in front of your house but if you do…make sure it is also cleaned well.  Make sure that drain is free of leaves, soil, paper, or any trash. If it is not cleaned well it may clog up with all that trash which may send all that water straight to your yard and into your basement. Be precautious and clean it out every week…it will prevent you from a headache you wish you never had…be preventive and be prepared just in case!!!

As our ward Emergency Preparedness Leader, I hope you take all my advice seriously. It will prevent you a disaster in the long run. Have a great month and until then God Bless.
Also I advice you all to have a small water vacuum, they are very cheap and very worth the money…get one just in case.

Have a great week.

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