Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blog Update and Photo

I am finally back home. It has been a very strenuous last 3 months but I have slowly overcome and I know God will now solve things completely. 

After a very cold Winter I am really looking forward to some warm weather. Here at home it is still cold but the sun has been shinning a lot so it sure brings a smile to ant hermit here in Ohio.

I have been Spring cleaning all week and now I need to finish a few things on my to do list before starting to paint and stain some furniture. I am getting excited to plant my veggies and some flowers, I guess my Spring fever is bursting out.

The painting post above is a painting done by my grand-daughter Paloma. She is a very good painter and we are all hoping she takes painting and drawing as a second major in college. We all think she did a great job in making sure each detail of the hand so visible.

I hope this week brings you all peace and tranquility to you and your loved ones.

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