Thursday, February 19, 2015

Always Seek For The Best

It is true to say that negative people do tare you and others down to a lower level than ever imaginable.

Negativity is associated with gossip, back biting, unwanted problems and the will to destruction of ourselves and others. Negative people always tare others apart, only thinking of themselves and what they can tare down next is their goal...this is one of Satan's manipulations. Their endless criticism of themselves and others brings down our own spirituality and goals in life. No matter how much we hate to distant ourselves from those around us like friends or family that have these negative influences; we are counseled to look for good wholesome positive people that can lift us higher than we are. Positive people who seek for bettering themselves and others always flourish like a bouquet of roses. Interacting and living among these positive spiritual people allows us to flourish in everything we do, while looking for the goodness in others and forgetting ourselves as we to help and edify others is the key to positive living and righteousness. When we surround ourselves with positive people miracles are born and we influence others to follow in our footsteps just by being an example of good clean living.

Seek only for higher ground, you will succeed in all that you do!

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