Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prayer in moments of need.

Since this year began, so did our lives begin in a direction never thought of. 

On New Years Eve around 9pm I received a call from my brother telling me my cousin Eric (40 years old) had suffered a heart attack and was going to have open heart surgery that night. His main aorta  was clogged almost 100%. After this call I immediately said a prayer for him, but I never slept through the night.

Then the next day another devastating news rocked my life. This ones brought me to my knees in tears and ever since then I haven't gotten over it. I can't think or focus on anything I do. My broken heart has me in a state of confusion and disbelief. Heavenly Father knows my thoughts and feelings, I only pray for those involved in this problem that everything may work out.

Every day is a new day to treasure, but what may come before us each day only God knows. Let us all focus on HIS amazing grace and all the gospel principles He gave us, for in them resides truth, knowledge and the proper way to live. Lets keep are prayers a constant ritual in our lives and let us be like Him...He has all the answers to every problem. 

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