Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life Changes, Much Prayer and New Adventures to Explore

Water the cleaning power of God's Spirit and the washing away of daily stress.

I have been in deep prayer and fasting while attached to the computer writing and working my days away.

For the past 6 weeks my life has been changed around in a way I never thought it would.
First, I had a 5 week recovery due to the fact that I was on crutches with a massively swollen ankle. This painful experience and swelling took me back into my recliner for all those weeks. A change I did not expect but a learning one I gained a testimony of. Once my ankle was better my daily exercise routine went from walking 5 miles every morning to 1 or 2 mile. I am back to normal again.

Then I was released from my Primary calling in which I served close to 4 years and I was immediately called to 2 new callings. I am now the ward Emergency Preparedness Specialist and the leader to promote and gather food for the feed Ohio program. 

Being released brought so much sadness to my Primary children and me. When saying goodbye came around tears and hugs flowed and it was not easy for any of us. Then to not have a break between callings I felt as if I was running a marathon without water...exhausted trying to get much of these calling above ground.

I had to first clean out my Primary room, I then had to find some very large boxes to house for all the food we were going to collect, make and send out notices to the entire ward making them aware of this food drive and for them to bring bags of food to donate, I also had to sit on the phone for a few day and interview food banks & shelter so I could decide which one I would chose to donate the food to. I chose "The Genesis House" (a battered women's shelter in our community), and when I spoke to the director of the shelter she said their shelves were empty of food. So I knew in my heart that's who we were going to help.

Then I was asked to teach a home organization class in Homemaking, as well as to speak on the 21st of September in Sacrament on "Emergency Preparedness". The experience I learned as I was recuperating from my swollen ankle was that being prepared is a must. I thank God that i always keep a well stocked food storage full of food, water, non food items and medicine. I never had to go to the store for any groceries other than for fruit. My testimony on Emergency Preparedness grew more intense and more enriching knowing I was prepared in case of an emergency. 

Among all that I had to do I also have a gospel night at our Stake Center on the 20th of this month in which I am taking some non members to see non other than Motown Singer Gladys Knight and her LDS Gospel Choir. Gladys is a member of our church and it will be wonderful to see her perform live in a more personal setting.

Lets just say that September has been a super busy and learning month and I can't wait till this month is over. My heart is full of gratitude because through HIS grace and living waters I am filled and willing to serve no matter how tight my callings and days may be. I always say this too shall pass.

I am so looking forward to the gospel night at the Stake center, it will be a relaxing spiritual night to prepare me for my talk the next day at church...Thank you Lord. 

So how has your month been?

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  1. busy also with RS presidency calling as Ed. Counselor-and Italian Indexing plus visiting family!