Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Sad Side of Depression...A Memorial to Robin Williams

As the world mourns the loss of the legendary actor/comedian Robin Williams, I now wonder who is the person behind the mask of laughter that brings us all joy.

Robin Williams gave us years of hilarious laughter; yet when he performed his comical sketches we never saw the sadness in his face...a common sign of depression...hiding behind a false image or mask.

Today we all sorrow his death and I tear up to think that every time I see the movie clip (above) of him being his comical self as he played the real Dr. Patch Adams...a true story; I see how well he could make others laugh but he couldn't make himself laugh with happiness. As we mourn his departure, we must also learn from his illness...DEPRESSION.
DEPRESSION is a mental illness.
It cannot be ignored nor cured, but it can be controlled through medicine and therapy. Millions of people suffer from depression on a daily bases and they are always crying out for help in silence.

This disease can strip every depressed individual's heart and soul out of theirs desire to live while they are searching for a way to vanish from their daily confrontations with others. Out of the norm, out of the space they occupy on earth disappearing from their daily existence. We all laughed just by his facial expressions or by his amazing humorous sketches, but behind that crazy, genius and spontaneous mind lived a man full of demons. Demons he fought on a daily bases with and at the end they won the fight taking away a life full of incredible talent and spunk. Robin's cries were unheard through the laughter and crazy behaviors on stage, but as darkness began to surround him...depression and his ongoing battles with Bipolar eventually took his life.

 Depression is often overlooked and unrecognized. What people see in front of them is not always what is occurring inside of them. Through Robin's depression he made every individual smile, laugh, giggle and faint in a moment of joy. Robin Williams made the world a happier place for everyone to live in. His lovely humble soul and I say humble because when this man spoke without laughing his humility overly drenched us and melted our hearts. He spoke minimal words when he was given the chance to speak but he yelled out "HELP ME" throughout the years of performances. Through every sketch he ever did we did not see or listened carefully to his cries as his aching heart slowly died.

Depression can also have a dramatic impact on everyone involved. Having a spouse or a loved one who is suffering from depression can be especially difficult, and approaching the subject with them can be tricky. Depression can cause feelings of isolation and anxiety that may make opening up to conversation more difficult. The best thing you can do is offer your support and take the time to listen. Dealing with depression is difficult, but so is helping a loved one who is depressed. Sometimes, the people who provide support begin to feel overwhelmed, and they may need counseling as well to keep depression symptoms at bay.

 The many faces of depression will always be remembered through Robin Williams. Robin may your heart forever live within us and thank you for the many years of laughter and joy...


If you or a loved one suffers from depression, consider speaking to your medical doctor or a with a therapist.

Signs and symptoms of depression include:
Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
Loss of interest in daily activities.
Appetite or weight changes. 
Sleep changes.
Anger or irritability.
Loss of energy.
Reckless behavior.

In memory of Robin Williams

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