Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Faith, Dream and Inspire

Each day that we live our lives should be full of Faith, Dreams and to Inspire.
Unfortunately some of us do not.
 Each day that rises brings forth a new day. A day that can be full of right choices or wrong choices.
Our faith grows, our dreams are fulfilled and how we inspire others by our example comes from the wise choices we make each day. Choosing to live a clean healthy life allows us to prosper in everything we do. But our faith is what allows us to overcome many trials and tribulation's in life, while inspiring others by our examples. Without it, it is nearly impossible to overcome many of those difficult moments and to bring others unto Christ.
Have dreams in life, inspire to teach by example and by exercising faith constantly it will allow us to be stronger to overcome many of our darkest days, while letting our light shine towards others. Our glowing light is the guiding light that leaves footprints of righteousness behind us for others to follow.
So dream, have faith and inspire. Let your light shine brightly.
The beauty of living a clean life is living it the best way we can.

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  1. good thoughts for an early morning! Off to walk before it's too hot....