Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Painting Faces for Fun

Spending time having fun with your grandchildren can be a very happy time.
This last week I got to watch my girls a couple of days while dad was at youth camp and mom worked (she's a nurse). One thing we did together was paint our faces. We had a blast doing each other's art work, unfortunately my oldest grand-daughter is not a photo taker, so she did not let me take a photo of the large butterfly I painted on her face. But my baby girl was all smiles to pose for the camera. She was thrilled with the butterfly Nana painted on her.
After Paloma washed her painted face off she allowed me to take 2 photos of her. One smiling and one not smiling.

Natalia's joy.

This is my serious look Nana.

We had a blast.

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