Sunday, May 4, 2014


This honor and tribute goes to all those Mothers & Fathers that have raised and are currently raising their children on their own as single parents. I applaud you all. You both carry two mantles on your back and that is to be praised
Another wonderful Mother's Day is near. It is the day we all praise and honor our sweet mother for all that she's done for us.
Any mother or father who gives of themselves to raise a child is more than a parent, to me they are a saint.
Your Mom held you close when you were inside her. She spent countless hours in pain to bring you into this world and she cherished the day you were born.
She fed you, bathed you, nurtured you and loved you unconditionally. She held you gently when you were sick, kept an eye on you without sleep until you were better. She mold you into who you are today and was your taxi driver for everywhere you wanted to go. She made sure you had a good warm meal when you were hungry while she cleaned your every mess. Washed and ironed your clothes and always picked them up from the floor with no hesitation, she did it because she loved you. She gave her life, her every breath and all her time for you. She did it for no reward or praises. It was all done and she never received a paycheck. All she wanted in return was for you to be honest, loving and polite.
My mother did all that for me and I try to tell her as much as I can 'Thank you". I also tell her how much I love her because she may be here today but tomorrow is not promised. She needs to hear it today.
This is my Mom. 
My Mom has been an avid runner since the age of 20. She has over 25 medals that she has won running. Last year she was asked to compete in The Boston Marathon this year...she declined.
 My Mom runs from 12 to 15 miles everyday day faithfully. She has been a poet since the age of 12 and has won too many awards to count. She was even the 1998 Poet of the year and she holds her seat among many prestigious poets in The Poets Hall of Fame. She has published 1 book, has written over 800 poems and she is currently working on her 4th Spiritual Book. She is a devoted vegetarian and she is a breast cancer survivor for 23 years now. She raised 3 children on her own and we all have careers thanks to her hard work and devotion.  Mom today I honor you and may God bless you with another 77 years of life....Yes she is 77 years old and she looks fabulous.
We are all so happy to have you as our Mom and Dad since you did it all as a single parent.
Thank you Mom.

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