Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Memories Captured In Photographs

They say a picture can hold many memories and they can tell a story without saying a word.
As I was going through some of my photo albums this past week I came across these few photos.
This first one is a photograph of my friends back in New York in the 60's. I'm the tall one in the back. Second row...My friends Madeline, Elbie, Julie & Joannie. Then there's my brother Sam, my little sister Mayra, my cousin June and Kiki.
We all grew up and moved on with our lives. My friends and I did not keep in touch until Facebook was born. Reuniting old friends, memories and laughs was an extreme delight for me.
Here is a photo of me when I was around 8 old. I don't know why I never smiled when I was being photographed. But the memories of what I know now of why I never smiled still haunts me to this day.

This photo is so ruined. I cannot depart from it and I already talked to Walgreems to have it restored. I was 12 years old then and very happy.

I was blessed with 2 beautiful sons.
And now enjoying my 2 wonderful grand-daughters who keep me laughing by being goofy sometimes.

Now I am home alone with many memories to unwind. I stay busy decorating, writing and enjoying my retirement.


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