Monday, March 10, 2014

My Spring Cleaning is Complete

Oh my, I cannot believe I missed posting last week. Its been a super busy time here at home.
Every year from Jan.2 to March 31, I clean out and organize my entire apt. I purged unnecessary things and I replace many things that need to be a new iron and vacuum.  I have also painted and decorated many rooms and furniture. I am happy to say that I only have 2 more things to do and I will be completely done.
My Spring cleaning is finished. I am doing the happy dance....yes!!!
I used lots of baskets to organize the bedroom, the office and the food pantry.

And of course I used lots of hooks to hang baskets, coats, and scarves.

Decorated all the curtains in the apt. using necklaces as tie backs.
I organized many things using baskets.

I painted some walls, washed down many walls, doors and cabinets, rearranged furniture, painted lots of furniture and even my trash can got a new face lift with a new coat of paint. It looks lovely.

Everything in the apartment looks great, fresh and ready for Spring.
I am happy.


  1. you are ambitious, I'm still working on organizing and clearing off the clutter by my computer desk....

  2. keep going Lin, you'll get it done.