Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Keeping a Journal

I have 11 journals and I only keep 6 of them active...the others are occasional journals for different events (family, weddings and new arrivals). There's a memorial journal for those loved ones who have passed on, a medical journal of all the illnesses our family has had and one for each one of my grand-daughters...they will each get these journals when they get married...they are named "Nana's Memories".
As I was cleaning and organizing my computer desk drawers, I came across most of my journals. As I read  some of the events I had recorded on them, I began to think will anyone really appreciate these writings once I pass. Would they be interested in reading about my life, my tears, my joys and my thoughts?
It is hard to tell but since I have a testimony about journals, I decided to cherish them like gold, hoping one of my grand-daughters will cherish them as much as I did.

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  1. maybe you need to abridge them with the nuggets of wisdom you've gained?