Sunday, March 16, 2014

Did I Forget to Pray?

The day begins..
Scene 1...Today I rushed out of bed. I rushed through my morning shower. I hurried up doing my hair, my makeup and my nails. I quickly got dressed. I chowed down some oatmeal and crackers and rushed out the door. I pressed the elevator door and it seemed like forever to come up to my floor. Paced the floor as the elevator went down, not only to stop at every floor below me. As I was going out I bumped into a few people never to say "I'm Sorry". I turned on the car engine only to curse my way out of the parking lot. I almost got killed for not stopping at the red light and I rear ended the car in front of me. It took the policeman forever to write out the ticket and as soon as left I picked up the phone to lie about why I was late for our work meeting. Sound familiar????
This scenery is often repeated by many of us.  We are so rushed to get to places in time that we forget the most important thing that starts our day...PRAYER. 
A well forgotten moment which allows us to begin the day with God's Spirit.
Now lets see this scene with prayer as the main factor.
Scene 2...I woke up this morning and fell to my knees. I implored a heart felt gratitude for the lovely day and the blessing to rise up well this morning. I prayed for guidance, protection, good health and for HIS Spirit to choose the right.
I rose from my knees with a smile on my face, a joy in my heart and with more than enough time to spare. I calmly showered, I got dressed, did my hair, put on my makeup and I did my nails and toes. I ate my oatmeal, I made a sandwich for lunch and I even chopped up some fresh fruit for dessert.
I walked out of my apartment and I pressed the elevator button for the 1st floor. The doors opened up and I walked out of the building within minutes. I turned the music on my car and off I went singing all the way to work. I arrived 30 minutes before my meeting at work was suppose to start and I even took 15 minutes to pick up my desk. I went to my meeting and arrived 5 minutes before it started.. 
 Thank you Lord for guiding me today.

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