Monday, February 10, 2014

A Winter Update

 This is what I see out of my patio door every morning.
Here at home the Winter weather has drenched us with so much snow and freezing temperatures down to -18 degrees at night. People and cars were rarely seen out. No one want to go out unless they really have too. I really thank Heavenly Father for giving us the knowledge of having a food storage in case of any emergency. Walmart hardly any food on their shelves a few weeks ago when I went to get a few items I had run out of...they didn't even have water in bottles or gallons. I bought 10 extra gallons of water at Dollartree just to have more. I have plenty in my food storage.
This has been the worst Winter in years and there is still more in the coming days.
This picture below is at my son's house in the country. He had to get up around 4:30am or 5am to clean out his long driveway before going to work and then he would do it again at night.
The nice thing is that we will get a break from the snow for a few days before we get the next storm of snow that is coming in this next weekend.
I got to babysit my grand-daughters one weekend so my son and his lovely wife could attend a wedding reception. They sure looked nice that night.
I have been real busy organizing and purging. The main thing still left to do is my 3 file cabinets. I don't know why I am procrastinating this job but just the thought of going through so much papers drains me before I start.
Tomorrow I will be painting my bedroom dressers a beautiful shade of taupe. I am excited and I know I will like them a lot.
I have a large basket full of home projects to do but until I finish the house organization I will not tackle that basket.
On a good note...
I woke up one day this last Friday with a desire to have pancakes. Since I am a gluten free vegan I have to make my own. And these pancakes were too good. I had 3 of them. They were divine. 

You can find my recipe on my blog...just click on the link.

Have a great week everyone.

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