Sunday, January 5, 2014

Homemade Bow Ties

Hi there. I must say its so nice to see you back. Its freezing cold here in Ohio and tonight an ice storm is suppose to arrive with freezing cold temps going as low as -11 degrees. I hope your pantries and food storage's are full.
 It sure was a busy year for me making all my Christmas presents, but one present that I loved aside from my dollhouse; is the bow ties I made for my primary boys. I made 3 of them for each boy and they were thrilled to receive them. So take a peek at my bow ties.
I made a burgundy one, a black one and a black & white one.
I used elastic and Velcro for the corners so they can fasten easily around their necks.

They came out so cute...I can't wait to see them wear them for church. they are going to look stunning.

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