Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Its Been A Busy Christmas

Life for me here at home has been very busy. I did not realized that when I decided to make almost all my homemade Christmas presents it was going to consume so much of my time. I am exhausted.
The first thing I made was a dollhouse for my grand-daughter. This dollhouse was done with much love. I used 2 large card board boxes, free wallpaper, free pieces of cream carpeting, some leftover fabrics and trims I had in my fabric bins, $6.00 worth of copper pennies, 7 empty aluminum foil rolls and some imagination and time. Yes...time and patience was the key. So this is my dollhouse. 
Wooden stained base for support and beauty.
Marble columns...7 in total for support and beauty. 
Bedroom done with her favorite colors.
I also made 15 bedspreads with matching valances (with Velcro) so she can change as she wishes, plus each bedspread has their matching toss pillow too.

The kitchen has all grey and silver appliances made by me and I also made table cloths with matching rugs and valances for her to changes as she wishes.

The living room has 5 different rugs but the décor cannot be changed on the furniture.

Here's the copper penny roof.

Dollhouse total cost $22 dollars...lots of love and patience...PRICELESS!
Then I decoupaged the first letter of their names to match their bedroom décor...this is for the front of their bedroom door.

I also made 2 shadow boxes with pistachio nuts to match my kitchen.

I am currently making 8 hair bows & 5 bow ties for my primary class as their Christmas present.
I need to finish 8 pairs of earring, 2 cross stitch "name" bookmarks and 2 upholstered bulletin boards. I hope I can finish everything before Christmas Eve.
I know now that I will never do this again. So from now on I will definitely be purchasing presents.
To top it off I was deadly ill a couple weeks ago. I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and I had a bad painful week. So I must eliminate nuts & seeds from my Gluten Free Vegan diet.
This week of illness set me back 1 week of work on my projects, I do hope Christmas comes and goes very quickly...I need a rest.

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