Friday, November 22, 2013

Love Verses Thorns

A of the most beautiful flowers in the world. We love to receive them for special occasions, we love to smell them since they have the nicest fragrance and it represents love.  Yet this lovely flower has a thorny stem that can cause great pain and bleed our skin.
Thorns can hurt a finger that is not protected with gloves. But just like the prickling of its points that can hurt the skin, words can also hurt those that are weak and empty inside.
What sometimes comes out of a sharp tongue can eventually destroy and break some one's heart. By exercising a little unconditional love and compassion towards others in the simplest way only requires our desire to share that love and a moment of our time to do so.
It doesn't cost money, it just costs you your time.
So as the rose represents love, share the beauty of its stems and not the thorns parts that shed blood. 


  1. The real challenge is to forgive the one who sent the thorns and love unconditionally...