Sunday, September 22, 2013

Christmas Work in Progress

It has been a very cool and peaceful Sunday today. I spent all afternoon working on my grand-daughter's dollhouse, its coming along but it is very time consuming.
The wallpapering stage.

I am having a blast making this dollhouse from scratch, plus I know it will be treasured and enjoyed by my little grand-daughter for a few more years before she passes it on to her little 4 year old cousin.
All my Christmas gifts this year are all handmade by me. As soon as the dollhouse is completed a new gift will begin. I hope to have the dollhouse finished by next Sunday. I will post complete photos of it once it is finished.
Christmas is right around the corner and 9 boxes full of food storage items have already been wrapped and sent over to my son's house where they have now been piling up in the corner of his garage until Dec. 24th.
Every year I stock up their food storage with not only food and non food items. This year no food has been boxed, it will only be non food items in which I've paid less than a dollar for or I got them for free with manufacturer's coupons...that's the joy of extreme couponing. Last August I walked out of the store with 28 bottles of Purex detergents in which I only paid .50 cents each. This is a picture of my pile of detergents, my daughter in law's pile were already wrapped in boxes when I took this photo.
 Last week I got 42 Reach toothbrushes for .25 cents each...Yes I am smiling as I type.
Yes..I am very busy, so busy that I haven't taken my afternoon nap for the past 3 months...but my kids are worth every wink I miss. I hope you all have a great week.

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