Sunday, July 7, 2013

Farm Living

As my grand-daughters are being raised on a farm their lives are far from inactivity. I now realize the constant care their animals need and their land claims.
My son's family wake up early every morning. The horse and the chickens need to be fed. The barn has to be cleaned, their dog and their 3 outside cats need to be fed, plus 2 indoor cats need feeding also. Litter boxes washed and refilled. The land needs to be mowed, trimmed, and raked and this is not counting the inside of the house.
My son works full time in the company as an International Sales representative and my daughter in law works 3 days a week as a nurse.


But no matter how many chores and work there is in the farmhouse...they would never change their lifestyle for city living.


  1. how fun, my husband's dream-to live in the country!

  2. It would be fun for you guys to move into a cute cottage in the country...its relaxing and very quiet.