Sunday, June 2, 2013

Orchids in Bloom

Another Orchid for me....Oh what a great gift.
My neighbor's daughter knocked on my door last week and surprised me with this gorgeous Orchid. It is full of blooms and it is gorgeous. I didn't know how to react to this gift since I didn't know why I was getting it in the first place. But her genuine gratitude was sparkling before my eyes and I knew there had to be a "WHY" for this gift.
Well...2 months ago I had taught her how to use coupons to get things for free, she has done marvelous with my instructions and she wanted to say thank you with a gift for teaching her how to get almost everything for free. She said it has helped her save money which she couldn't do before couponing.
I was touched and very surprised to be given such a beautiful gift. This is how my Orchid looks today and now I have 2 of them since I had gotten another one last April when my cousins were here from New Jersey.

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  1. how sweet, enjoy its beauty and gratitude of the giver...