Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Daily Dose of Good Medicine

I often visit friends and family and one thing I have noticed in their home is how proudly they display their Bible on the living room table. I always tend to praise them for having their bible where everyone can enjoy its presence; but once I ask them if they read it often their response is..."I've never even open it, its just there for decoration".
Their response shocks me all the time and if they don't read it how could they receive an answer to their prayers?
Many years ago a sister in our ward gave a beautiful lesson on reading the scriptures. One thing she said stayed with me all these years. She said, "In order for us to talk to God we need to pray; but in order for us to hear Him talk to us...we need to read the scriptures".
Ever since I heard that lesson I have never missed a day of prayer and of reading my scriptures. It doesn't matter what name you may know The Lord as, what matters is that you pray to Him and read the scriptures on a daily bases. It will keep the channels of communication always open between heaven and earth. 
Our Lord Jesus Christ has many names and here are just a few that pop into my mind right now.
Jesus Christ
The Bread of Life
The Savior
Living Waters
The Son of God
The Alpha & The Omega
Elder Brother
The King of Kings
The Christ
The Only Begotten
No matter how many names we can describe the Savior, He will always be The Bread of Life to each of us.
A daily dose of reading the scriptures can change your thoughts of the day and guide you to do what is right. He can change who you are, He can make you His disciple, He can cleanse you of all sin, He can make you live again and He can fill your life with pure everlasting dose of good medicine. 

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