Sunday, May 19, 2013

My New Spring Wreath

It is actually Spring and the hot air is being felt throughout Ohio. One nice thing is that the air conditioner right now is only on through the day and at night it is turned off and the windows are open to the beautiful lake Erie breeze.
I have been very busy at home getting ready for my mother and nephew's visit for 1 week in June and one of the things I did this last week was this very colorful wreath for my front door. I am not a flower person so you will not find flowers throughtout my home. Flowers in my home decor do not make me smile. I am a neutral girl and the simpler the better. But I wanted my front door to pop out with color and that it would say "Come on in my friend".
So I bought these small clay pots, I painted and decorated them and then I hot glued them to my wreath after I put the ribbons on it. It has a Mexican look to it but I love it even though my Latin culture flows proudly through my veins, I am in love with my wreath.  

So spruce up your front door with color and enjoy the comments. Now to finish all my other projects, have a great week everyone...chao.

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