Sunday, May 5, 2013


Did I ever mentioned how much I love shoes? Yes I do! 
 As a teenager and throughout my 20's and 30's they were my biggest obsession. I used to buy shoes almost every week. One time I counted 63 pairs of dress shoes. I had every color, every style and heights reaching as high as 5 inches tall. I felt powerful and in control, I loved them and I still do. But 1 year after my RA diagnosis I was unable to walk because of the arthritis eating away my ankles, I had to get ankle implants and then my Orthopedic prescribed custom made full length steel braces to wear at all times.
These are my short braces before getting the full length ones up to my hips.
 My love and desire to wear my lovely shoes died when he told me about the braces, but my dreams of wearing my lovely hi heels have never died. 
Tho I cannot wear those hi heels anymore, I look at them, I admire them and I dream of wearing them again someday. My dream may never come true, but in my mind and in my heart I make those dreams come true as I dance the night away with Fred Astare.
Here are some lovely the floral print.
I wouldn't wear these but they are very sexy. 

A little glitter for dancing.
Some for showing off the beauty of the legs.

A little glass shoe for planting...I love this idea.
Some Bling for special occasions.

And a little Judy Garland to make all dreams come true.


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  1. dream a way...but those shoes look dangerous, lol!