Monday, April 15, 2013

The Plan Of Salvation

The joy of knowing the fullness of the gospel, the perfect Plan of Salvation and having the knowledge of where we are going after death is God's greatest gift to us.
This afternoon after 8 months of suffering with cancer, my sons father passed away. The loss of a father can be very hard for a son, but know the gospel very well and knowing we will all meet again in the spirit world; can bring much peace to an aching heart and a troubled mind.
As one son mourns his father's departure, the other son welcomed him with open arms in the spirit world.
As a soul enters the spirit world they have the blessing of seeing those who have passed before them. These precious souls are waiting to embrace their incoming relative with much joy, a happy reunion for all of them. Peace begins for those who have departed, but those who are left behind begin a new life morning the loss of their loved ones can be difficult if they do not know the plan of salvation.
As Latter Day Saint members we know the departure is only for a time and our future encounter with our loved ones is not far long. We know they are now clean of all illness, clean of all sin, and clean of all imperfections. Those that could not walk, those that could not see.
My son is now at peace and is happy his father is not suffering any more.  He will miss his father a lot, but his knowledge of the gospel brings him peace and comfort in knowing he now will prepare to complete his father's temple ordinances beyond the veil.  

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