Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting into the Groove...Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Howdy out there.
Life here in Ohio has been a bit hectic. Since its Spring, that means cleaning and organizing the house always takes a first class seat on my van wagon.
I have been seriously scrubbing floors, polishing furniture and woodwork, organizing closets, drawers and cupboards. The freezer, fridge and stove has been completely cleaned out and restocked.
And since I just found out I was gluten intolerant, the food storage and the kitchen pantry had to be emptied out and restocked. I donated everything. 
Here's my cleaned and organized kitchen pantry. 

I purchased some glass jars and I filled them with small essential and much needed labeled office supplies.


The living room sliding door got a good cleaning and the glass door sheers got replaced with clean pressed sheers. The room was rearranged and properly decorated and cleaned.

My file cabinets are now getting cleaned out by organized and purging old unnecessary papers, my clothes closet was cleaned out of un-used clothes (gave to Goodwill) and organized, drawers were relined and properly organized and the office desk was cleaned out and organized (I wonder how long that will last...LOL...LOL)
I have many Christmas presents I need to start and finish by the end of the Summer.
Here is a list of some of the things I will be working on throughout this Summer to give away as Christmas presents:
...paint 2 shelves
...make 2 (pistachio shell) shadow boxes
...make 3 (floral) design shadowboxes 6 Christmas aprons
...make 2 crazy quilted scarfs
...make 8 sets of earrings
and make 10 upholstered journals.
This year will be devoted to homemade Christmas gifts...these are the best to receive.
Have a great week my friend.

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  1. wow, are you organized. I had company for Easter so got my deep house cleaning done but file drawers and closets are sadly lacking!