Sunday, April 21, 2013

Before and After Passing Through The Viel

Several weeks ago a good friend of mine posted this picture on her facebook page. The impact of this photo made me rediscover how beautiful we will all be once we leave this earthly life.
The transition from one world to the next automatically transforms us to a youthful looking body, one we once had and into the arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Leaving this world can be a bittersweet moment for us since we are leaving our loved ones behind as we enter a new life in the spirit world.
Though the years may pass as our lives here have been difficult at times, our journey back home can be of much joy by knowing that we chose to abide by correct decisions we may have made in this life. Our journey into the next life can be very easy and joyful for ourselves and those we leave behind if we make prayful decisions here on earth.

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  1. this statue is in the Spilsbury mortuary or funeral home here in St. George entitled "Come Unto Me" by Jerry Anderson. See my blog for details I think what is captured in this piece is our eternal spirit escaping our aging body, one day to be resurrected at our prime through Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us.