Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food Storage...I'm Running Out of Room

This week I spent a couple of hours, organizing and cleaning out my food storage. As I was doing so I realized I had enough food and non food items for a few months before restocking it again. The shelves are over flowing thank God and I am running out of for the next 4 months I will only be purchasing the necessary items for the refrigerator and some basic staples if needed. To my calculations I should be able to save over to $800 dollars.
Having a food storage is a blessing, especially when I have had surgeries, when we have Winter storms and illness. Knowing that my shelves are full brings comfort and peace to a one time troublesome heart when my storage had dwindled down to nothing.
If you are struggling to over come household expenses, try using manufacturer's coupons as a way to get your grocery bill cut in half or almost free. I am an extreme couponer and most of everything you see here has been free or I paid less than one dollar for them.
After 1 year of doing this I have 3 big closets full of food, non food items and medicine. There is a way out, try couponing.

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