Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Week in Review

This week has been a nice and not so nice week.
Each day that goes by is another day I appreciate and love. I have been very busy finishing some home chores and organizing areas that needed much attention.
I have also been very busy working 3 days a week on my primary props for class, song posters and lessons. Serving a calling in Primary can become a part time job and to see those little ones enjoy every lesson and songs you prepare for them is worth every moment in time...I love serving in Primary.
Last Saturday I had to go to the ER for a dreadful pain that was coming from under my right shoulder blade. First I thought it was my gall bladder but tests showed that my gall bladder was fine. The doctor also checked my kidneys for stones and my liver, they both are in mint condition.
After talking to the doctor for a while, he asked me if I ever had any problems with my neck or spine. I immediately responded yes....I have and I am currently having difficulty turning my neck to the right. After telling him of all the titanium rods I have on my spine holding my vertebrates together, he said that the pain on my neck can be radiating down spine and under my shoulder blade, so I should have that checked. Now I must see my back surgeon to have him check my spine and neck once again and make sure nothing has come apart.
This pain has held me back from fulfilling many goals I have on my "To do" list. It has also pushed me back from getting much of my Spring cleaning done. I promised myself that I will try to get many chores done from my list before the month is over and before I see the surgeon. So wish me luck.
I must continue to go forward like the little red choo-choo train.
Have a great week.

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