Sunday, February 24, 2013

Preparing a 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

Most of us know that an unexpected occurrence of events can come when we are not prepared for them...but how lucky are those that are prepared.

Preparation takes time, effort, desire and commitment.

Being prepared for unexpected events has been an ongoing sermon in most of the church's conference addresses. Prepared spiritually, financially, physically and temporally is essential and a commitment of self reliance.

I know most people cannot financially afford to prepare for anything right now due to this bad economy, but this is why we must prepare, for moments like these.

A bad storm, an unexpected work strike, layoffs, sudden illness or accident, hard financial times like these, unexpected funeral expenses or a broken down car in need of repairs. These and many more unexpected occurrence can happen to anyone of us, at any time.

Today I want to help you be able to gather together a 72 hour emergency preparedness kit.
One kit per every person in your family is needed, but if you can only gather essential family needs then do it now, for your families well being.
When putting together a 72 hr. survival kit you will need several items I am listing below. You do not need to go out right now and charge up your credit card to get them, but if you buy at least 2 of these items a month by the time the year comes to an end you'll have most of the items listed below.
  You can use backpacks, duffel bags, shoulder bags & medium wheeled suitcases to put all your necessities in. I preper wheeled suitcases, they are the way to go when putting together your 72 hour survival kit and easier to move with. 
Your emergency survival kit should contain water, food, medications and personal items like razors, grooming tools and flashlights with batteries for 3 days. Also, I advice everyone to buy food that they can open easily in already pop up cans or pouches (ready to eat) and juices in small boxes with straws attached for less inconvenience and heavy carrying. 
Here is the list of items needed:

Food (9 meals) & Water (6 small bottles)

2 protein bars
2 baggies of a trail mix

(dates, dried fruit, raisins, raw almonds...etc.)
*Always buy containers that do not need a can opener or refrigeration

2 small pks. crackers or cereal...for munching
3 small canned meat
(tuna, chicken or turkey)

3 small canned or pouches of beans & 3 vegetables
(your choice)

3 small juice container
2 pop tarts or 2 cookies in small packages of 3 or 6
(for the sweet tooth lovers)

Fuel & Light

1 Lg & Sm. flashlight
1 lantern
2 extra pks. batteries for flashlight, radio and lantern

3 Flares
2 white candles & 2 tea candles
1 butane lighter
2 small boxes of matches

 1 small box of water-proof matches &
 14 miniature fire logs
 (found at any survival store)

1 lg. zip-lock bag full of dryer lint...great stuff to start a fire!!!

Bedding & Clothes:

1 extra set of clothes for winter & 1 set for summer
(shorts, long pants, under clothes, socks, jackets, hiking boots or a good set of tennis shoes, winter gloves and working gloves, 1 scarf & extra garments...etc.
1 Rain coat or rain poncho
1 blankets, 1 sheet, (2) emergency warming blankets
2 small bath towel
1 sleeping bag & 1 underlining sleeping bag mat

 ( a yoga mat is great )

2 (10 ft) plastic sheet for moist ground.


1 water canteen
 1 bottle of water purifying tablets
1 small manual can opener
10 disposable plastic plates, 10 forks & 10 spoons or camping dishes & utensils
1 small shovel
1 tweezers
1 small sewing box with everything needed
1 transistor radio or a crank radio with phone charger
1 small compass
2 pens, 1 black marker & 1 writing pad
1 small journal

1 small ax
1 pocket knife with utility tools attached
1 small hammer & 10 nails each

 (lg. Med. & small=30)

1 med. roll of light & heavy wire
1 set of wire cutters & pliers
20 to 25 foot heavy sturdy rope

Personal supplies & medications

1 first aid kit
1 or 2 toilet paper rolls, 2 small tissues packs & 1 box of wipes
6 feminine napkins
1 folding hair brush & comb
1 med. hand sanitizer

1 bath soap in soap case or baggie
1 small shampoo & conditioner
1 small toothpaste
1 travel toothbrush
1 small dish soap
1 small box of detergent...found in any laundry mat
1 small watch or wrist watch

 (heavy duty camping style)


Ibuprofen, Tylenol, children’s teething medication, fever medication & small cough syrup, eye drops, ear drops, cough drops, allergy pills and
personal medications if needed
10 band- aids
10 alcohol wipes
1 roll of gauze & 10 cotton balls
1 small poison ivy cream
1 small allergy cream
1 small burn cream
1 small A & D ointment
small jar of petroleum jelly
1 small body & hand lotion
1 chap sticks

Personal Documents

Have a copy of these documents inside your 72 hour emergency bag.

Legal documents

birth certificate, driver’s license, wills, passport, important contracts (House, Insurance policies, & car titles & insurance policies),
Vaccination papers
some cash
2 credit cards
pre-paid phone cards

Important to add

miniature scriptures
genealogy records
patriarchal blessing
cell phone with battery charger and an extra set of batteries

If you have little children...extra needed items

diapers...for 8 days
their food & snacks...for 5 days
baby milk, juice & water...for 5 days
1 baby toy
3 extra set of clothes for winter & summer
medications, creams, Vaseline, diaper rash cream, wipes, baby nail clippers,

& 2 baby bottles
(small & large) & 2 extra water bottles

1 reading book, 1 small puzzle in zip-lock bag, crayons, 1 coloring book, 2 pencils & 1 notebook.
Extra needs

2 small & 2 large trash bags
2 zip - lock bags
1 cooking stove or a raised level rack will do
1 small sponge & 2 empty tuna cans for (heating food or boiling water)

Being prepared for any disaster should be a priority in your family. They are worth far more than gold.


  1. good ideas, in RS we just put together 72 hr kits of snacks and sealed them in a mylar container...

    1. That is fabulous Lin. Was this being made for a community service project?.