Sunday, February 10, 2013

Parental Guidance: A Prophetic Warning

In these latter days children are influenced by so much social media, Internet pornography, money & power, sexual literature, unedited television shows and extreme sexual music that can destroy their lives before its begun. In order to raise clean,  honest, loving and caring children in these latter days we need more parental guidance, more leadership and more family unity.

 Our children read, see, listen to and try to emulate everything they see, but everything they see can destroy their lives at a very young age . 

 Parents we need to avoid these negative influences from coming into our children's lives by replacing them with wholesome family activities, good books and community services.
By teaching our little ones to be clean in body, mind and heart, we must first plant firm roots in their testimonies of modesty and righteous living. By teaching them to choose the right, will keep them from falling off the cliff before they even get there.  
Heavenly Father is always guiding us in choosing the right and the video below is one way to do that.  Let us be aware and beware of what this world has to offer.  

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