Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Soothing Cookies for the Guilty Soul

There is nothing more sweeter and calming to a troubled heart than a few chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of cold milk.
 For many of us the thought of going through some difficult times often worries us more than the actual problem. I personally have always experienced a remorseful heart whenever I say something that is not pleasing unto my Heavenly Father. These guilty thoughts will haunt me for weeks until I repent of my wrong choice of words.
Sometimes worrying about insignificant problems often wears us down more than the problem itself. It is our spiritual nature to feel guilty when we do something wrong and in order to seek some type of relief from these guilty feelings we tend to surround ourselves with something that makes us feel good.
Unrighteous decisions can always bury us deeper in the hole than we are already in and most of the times it will backfire with devastating consequences. My choice has always been a few homemade chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of non dairy milk to sooth my mind, heart and soul. I may repent of eating those cookies later but at least the consequences of eating them has always gone to my  hips and not to my soul. That is one guilty pleasure I don't have to repent of. 

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