Monday, September 10, 2012 a precious gift.
The though of aborting a child in these last days is so easy that to many women destroying this precious life is no big deal to them.
Some women have up to 5, 6 or more abortions in their lifetime because to them they cannot care for these children while studying for a career. Some of them feel that children will disturb their life or ruin  their figure. My question is...then why do you allow yourself to get pregnant?
I know that today having sex out of marriage is no big deal to many people out there, but what ever happened to self esteem, moral values and loving yourself so much that you would save your purity until marriage?
This is a touchy subject for many and a hard one to address for others, but God gave us a mind to think and the choice to choose right from wrong.
Abortion is the termination of a life, a human being, a gift sent to us from above...a precious child that can bring so much joy to any mother.
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Life is too precious, it is a light unto the world.

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  1. It's sad to contemplate all those babies that aren't given the chance to live...