Sunday, August 12, 2012


Many years ago I learned the importance of having Integrity. As you can see, the juice cap sums it all up very well.

Having Integrity means you are "WHOLE", "COMPLETE".

We could never be like Christ (Whole & Complete), but by taking baby steps along the way towards being like HIM, we can reach a small fraction of HIS many attributes. 

As humans we are far from godliness, but by being honest in every sense of the word, humbling ourselves to be teachable, treating others with love and respect, having clean hands at all time and giving it your all to be like the Savior, are small step we can take towards that direction.

Doing what is "RIGHT" when no one is watching is what integrity is all about.


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  1. how true, which includes little things like not gossiping or criticizing others.