Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Addition To The Family

Welcome to the Torres Family

Yep, the farmhouse is getting filled up slowly with much love.
My son Billy and his family now have a new addition, a dog named Jasper.

The girls are tickled pink with their new furry friend.

Jasper came from the Friendship Animal Protective League and he is the cutest thing. He stole our hearts away as soon as we saw him. Now he has joined the family of furry friends that make this family complete. 

Here are the rest of their animals.

This is Jax...the family cat.
He belongs to us all...he's the most lovable one of all the cats.

This is Waffle...Natalia's cat.

This is Snowcloud...Paloma's cat.

This is Buckshot...their miniature horse

We love our animals...they are the best.

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