Sunday, May 6, 2012

Break the Chains


Its not easy to depart ourselves from so much negativity in our world today...but by removing ourselves from those negative people that brings our lives and our spirituality down to their level, is a positive step towards becoming a much better person than what we are today.
 In life many of these negative people are roaming the streets and in our everyday life we come across them while wondering why are they like that? The thought of "why" made me realize it all has to do with the environment in which they were raised in.  
The environment in which they were raised in was never a healthy one nor an uplifting one either.
 Negative people do not know any other way of life. They grew up around people who were negative to begin with and so was their past generations.
They put others down while exercising these unrighteous negative traits with their own offspring. Negative people do not know how to love or appreciate the people around them or the things they have.
 They never had a positive role model to look up to or to teach them good manners, proper etiquette or to learn how to distinguish right from wrong.
These negative surroundings molded these people to be negative, uncaring and degrading towards others. These type of people have never felt loved or have never known what a hug felt like.

Because our levels of spirituality are so far apart,  we may have to depart ourselves from the presence of negative people in order to go up another step on our exaltation quest.
If we do not change this relationship with them, we may end up acquiring their way of life which can radiate towards our next generation and the next...if the chains of bondage are not broken.

Break the ties with negative people.
By changing our living quarters, our friends and our thoughts...we can then change many generations to come by breaking the bonds of negativity. "WE" can break the cycles of imprisonment and slavery forever.
I always remember a Spanish saying which has stuck with me all my life..."Tell me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are."

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