Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finding Peace

A few months after my son Sammy passed away I went to the Temple to sooth my aching heart. While I was there I meditated through the spiritual quietness that surrounded me. The splendid peace that lye within those sacred walls was very calming for me as I rested there.  While I was in the Endowment room for some reason I felt as if my son was going to walk into the room. These feeling began to rise as the hours continues to count and when I left this sacred building I felt a little disappointed leaving without seeing my son there. I know it is crazy but when a mother looses a child her thoughts of him being dead doesn't exist until she has found peace and comfort. 

After two endowment sessions and a few sealings the sisters and I decided to go shopping through the Temple bookstore before having dinner. As I walked throughout the store for some reason "once again" I felt my son's presence in the room and the thought of him walking in the store became quite intensive. These feelings became stronger as I turned towards the other room.  Then as I entered the art room I saw what looked to be my son in a painting hanging on the wall. I was so startled that I had to cover my mouth from yelling his name. As my nervous took over my feelings I also rejoiced to see what looked to be my baby. This painting was of Christ embracing a little boy entering heaven and the greatest shock of all was that this little boy looked just like my son's back view. He had black hair like Sammy, his same height and his exact body frame. I stared at this painting for a long time and I knew then my son was in the best hands ever.

I could not leave the store without this painting, so I bought it. 

Call it deja vu but the Lord knew I needed peace and HE allowed me to have it with this painting.

I do miss my baby boy but I know he is at peace and so am I.

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  1. lovely painting I've seen it before, what a blessing that it gave you peace!