Friday, April 20, 2012

My Latest Painting Projects

I have been a busy girl lately. My bedroom is finally getting the decor I wanted and to accomplish this goal I had to get to work.

I spent my entire Thursday painting and I am so happy with the results. My desk was done last year but I felt it needed something to bring out its character. So I designed it with 2 flowers and my tall dresser to match..., I LOVE it. I still need to do the gold edges around the flowers and seal my work so it won't scratch off with some professional painter's sealer. Here's a peek of what I've done so far, I will post the final photos soon.

Desk before painting and this is how it looked after sanding the top part.

After the first layers of paint are done.


I am still not finish...

I will post final photos soon.

Flower done with primer first.

I designed all the flowers free hand with a pencil and then I primed them.

1st coat of light cream paint.

First results, I will post final photos soon.

To be continued....