Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Fun Projects

Easter is over but the memories of another holiday are left in our hearts full of love and great laughs.
This year my daughter in law had to work a 12 hour shift throughout the weekend in the hospital...she's a nurse. My son asked if I would cook for him and the girls Easter dinner at my house.  I was thrilled to have them over, so I prepared a large dinner and a great craft for the girls. First the girls and I colored some Easter eggs. Check out the dinosaur egg my youngest grand-daughter designed out of a cracked egg.

 And since I also had to babysit on Monday since the girls are on Spring break we made a great craft.
I taught them how to make paper flowers and we then put them into floral arrangements to give their Mother on Mother's Day.  My oldest grand-daughter likes more simpler things so she made a smaller arrangement then her sister.  My youngest is very crafty and very good in visualizing how things should be. She went all out and made a taller arrangement with height and color which I thought was very well done.

This is Natalia's flowers
This is Paloma's flowers


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