Sunday, February 19, 2012

Uniting Two Souls Together Again

Yesterday when we arrived at the cemetery for my sister in law's funeral, I was surprised to see that she was being buried across from my son Sammy. Sammy & Lucy were very close. She took care of Sammy for a few weeks as I recuperated from my paralysis in 1975. Sammy was not even a year old when she took upon herself the responsibility of caring for him unconditionally. When Sammy was in his last days she flew out from Puerto Rico to be with him and his joy was so overwhelming to all of us when he felt her hands holding his hand. He was blind with tumors in his eyes but he knew who she was from just her touch. He died peacefully with her by his side 3 days later.

After Lucy's funeral yesterday some of us went to visit Sammy's plot. With this Winter weather his stone had become very dirty and you cannot see how pretty it is with his picture engraved on it. 

These two beautiful souls have left our world to enlighten the Spirit World with more light. Now they are together again. 

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  1. comfort comes in knowing the plan of salvation...