Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Teacher and The Student

Children come into our lives without manuals or teaching instructions on how to raise them. We as parents have a duty, an obligation to teach, rear and guide our children towards righteous directions in life. Teaching them how to choose the right things in life and how to return to Heavenly Father's arms is up to us the parents. By teaching them proper values of who we want them to become, can only be taught by the example we portray before them. Their sweet innocent spirits then begins to absorb who we are, forming inside them a foundation in which they will someday build their own testimony, character and the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 When they grow older sometimes they choose a different path from what we taught them, but no matter what choices they make in their own lives, the teachings you taught them are buried deep inside their hearts. That's the true goal of a great teacher. To teach the student something they will always remember and never forget. 

  Teach children the principles that define and molds their future. Teach by example and by the spirit of the Lord. Who we are and what type of life we live molds that child to become an adult and a man of honor and integrity.


  1. indeed, all we can do is teach and set an example...

  2. Amazing.I really agree with your blog.I think teacher and student relations are more important.Nice video..Thanks!

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