Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Precious Creation

The exquisite beautiful bird, filled with splendid color and class. This exotic creature is one of God's most beautiful creations. This bird walks with an assurance knowing he is beautiful in every way. Assured that he is loved by everyone and that he can live happily knowing who he is.  This  is an example to us of who we really are...A beautiful child of God.

When we know who we are in life we walk up brightly, we walk with an assurance in knowing who we are, where we are going after death and what our purpose in life is.  When we know this we then strive to reach higher goals in life, we rise to every occasion and we glow with a light that beams from within us.

 Here is an albino peacock that is so beautiful it needs no introduction.  This colorless bird also walks proudly showing off its beauty. He is proud of the garments he carries upon his back, he shows them off with much pride as his clean attire glows before others. What an example of how our life and our hearts should be as we strive to emulate Christ.

Such beauty can dwell within us when we follow the Commandments of God.

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  1. interesting that it is the male of most species with the color...but it does apply to all of us...