Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Radiant Promise

Rainbows have been in existence since God promised Noah He would never flood the earth again. Its been a long time since that promise was made and yes God has kept and will keep His promise.

We as God's children have been given the privilege of living on earth for a time. We made that decision a long time ago, but our promises to follow Him and to keep our honest word solid sometimes dwindles between heaven and earth giving us the option of justification.  Sometimes it is hard for us to keep promises we have made and yet we make them knowing we may not be able to keep them.

Sometimes promises are made with loved ones. If these promises are broken they may tend to eventually hurt the ones we love the most.  

Some promises are small and they do not require much effort on our part to keep them, but sometimes we make promises that we know we cannot eventually keep, requiring an extreme amount of effort on our part to keep them afloat.

Lets look at 5 key points in mind before making promises:

1.  Ponder carefully the promise you are about to make...remember our word is our loyalty and our lips end up sealing that promise with our integrity on the line.

2. If I do not keep my promise will it hurt anyone in the long run?

3. Could I meet the requirements and the seal of approval on my part to keep that promise? Can I financially handle this monthly payment?

4. Am I prepared to withstand any turmoils that may come before me from not keeping my  promise?

5. Should I or shouldn't I make that promise?

If after carefully pondering and praying about that promise makes you feel uneasy and worried, then don't make promises you cannot keep. The Lord answers prayers and that uneasy feeling maybe your answer.

We are human and we do make mistakes, but our word shows others what our character is made of. Let thy character shine before others, let our eyes beam praiseworthy light not darkness, let our lips speak words of integrity and let our promises be bright and radiant as a rainbow that shines amidst the clouds...full of delightful colors, a radiance beyond compare, a promise sealed with an honest handshake made by you.

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