Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year with Good Food and Organization

Changing our way of life

Its a new year, a new day and life goes on as always. But are you frustrated with your weight...I am. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work for me. Eating good food like fresh fruits and vegetables is essential and very nutricious. But exercise is a key essential in loosing weight. Unfortunately I am limited to my exercise program. All the titanium rods that are holding together my spinal frame does not allow me to exercise like I would love to. Walking is also limited since my steel braces makes it difficult for me to walk for long periods of time.

Though my exercises are limited, weight lifting, light cardio and yoga is best for me. I also walk every day on the treadmill where I live and I walk around our huge parking lot which is a half a mile long.

I do my best and that's my limit, but I do exercise. Good food and exercise helps in keeping me  motivated, it keeps my stress levels low and it makes me feel great.

Great Sale

Yesterday I was out grocery shopping for 9 hours. Shocking right!!!!
I am an extreme couponer and when you coupon grocery shopping takes longer.
Now that Christmas is over you tend to come across some great sales. Well, at my favorite grocery store "Giant Eagle" they had tons of Christmas paper for .25 cents a roll. That was such a great sale that I bought 26 rolls. Enough wrapping paper for me to use for the next 5 years. For a couponer this is a steal we cannot resist.

Cleaning & Organizing

Every January I take this month to clean & organize my home. As usual the office takes me about 2 weeks of this tedious job. Cleanings out & organizing papers, shredding, organizing my desk, cleaning out files and rearranging it can be a long but rewarding task at the end. 

Then the closets, the drawers, every kitchen cabinet and the library cases get cleaned out and organized. I have at this moment the trunk of my car filled to the max ready to take to Goodwill.

A new year , a  new day...I am getting ready to start fresh so I can enjoy every day God gives me.

How are you managing your new year? 

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  1. good start-you might consider water aerobics-gentle but good exercise.