Sunday, January 1, 2012

4 Steps to Overcoming Some Cross Roads in Life

Every New Year we reflect on the past year with joy or sadness. Some of you may have had a very difficult 2011 with family, illnesses, finances and your spiritual feelings about heaven and earth...which ever the cross road may have been for you never forget Christ is always carrying you.

Each cross road that comes before us seems to be stronger than the previous one, but The SAVIOR can make those heavy logs feel like a lifeless.

One thing I learned with all the trials I have gone through, is that I needed to constantly be filling my lamp with oil in order to overcome these hard felt moments.
Here are just a few points to keep in mind and to consider when keeping your lamps full of oil for light in moments of need.

1. Pray at least 2 or 3 times a day.

 Keeping in tune with the Holy Spirit, this helps us stay focus on the right path. by doing this we then tend to see what is right and what is wrong more clearer than we did before.

2. Read the scriptures every morning before breakfast.  

This will keep your minds clear, alert and in tuned with the Spirit of the Lord throughout the entire day.

3. Give thanks for everything that comes your way. Gratitude enables us to be more accepting and understanding of these irritating crossroads.

4. Stay committed to your covenants.

Staying clean by keeping the Word of Wisdom and being Chaste purifies our bodies, mind and spirit enabling us to succeed in our goal towards exaltation.

Though these 4 steps allows us to keep our lamps full of oil for light in moments of need, for many these 4 steps may seem very difficult to commit to.

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  1. good suggestions, also learning the lessons of life that come unfortunately by the things we suffer and overcome.