Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Two Edged Sword

What do words really mean?

I learned throughout the years that words can make or break a person. The tone and the volume in which they are spoken can kill a living heart in a wink of an eye or they can build a man's character with respect, honor and integrity.

When words are given an anger approach, they can destroy and belittle a person's self esteem. A person's lively spirit can be crushed instantly and they become withdrawn, sad and uncommunicative. Those words are like a two edged sword, slicing a person's self esteem in many pieces.

But when words are filled with unconditional love, those words then become the glue that holds the barriers against a cruel world. 

For those of you that had the joy of watching General Conference this past October know that the words spoken there are words the Lord Himself would speak of. They are words of peace, of truth and unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the love a loving mother gives to her child. It is the love the Lord exudes at all times. It is the love we all want to receive and seldom given.  

To learn how to obtain this love full of peace and truth requires a heart full of desire to reach its potential, to accept others how they are, how they live and the choices they make.

Degrading a child or an adult in any way is like degrading the Lord Himself. He feels the pain that child or adult feels and He withdraws His Spirit from us. 

So whenever words are spoken, make sure they are loving words said in a soft and calm manner so you can receive in return that love ten times over. Love others how we wish to be loved...unconditionally.


  1. the real trip is to protect yourself from other hurting words by forgiving them...

  2. I try to remember that my tone is important too